What makes UTI different from the competition?

Project Feasibility:

The UTI Sales Engineer will conduct a preliminary evaluation of your parts and project. UTI will communicate our results to our customers and provide solutions if we believe there is a more robust durable solution. The best way to make sure there are no surprises during the project is to fully understand the customer needs and discuss potential issues during this phase.


UTI takes an engineering approach to all of our projects, big and small. UTI can provide drawings for your approval, so you can confirm your requirements, prior to manufacture.

Project Management:

UTI communication with our customer does not stop after the order. Your project will be assigned to a Project Manager that will monitor all phases and maintain the quality of your project at UTI. Our standard is to communicate with our customer during the concept, fabrication, build, testing/debug, and shipment of your project. The result is a quality built solution delivered on schedule.


UTI feeder technicians have a combined 25+ years of fabrication knowledge. UTI has incorporated a quality standards manual to provide our technicians with the proper channels for them to provide the most efficient, reliable, consistent, and cost effective solution to our customers. Each project is assigned a Lead Tooler and Secondary Tooler to brainstorm ideas and verify that we are providing the best solution.


UTI has developed rigorous testing/debug standards that all projects must pass before moving to final inspection and shipping. Testing and debug is done by the Project Manager. The Project Manager will simulate feeder running conditions at the customer’s facility.


UTI commitment to our products does not end at shipment. UTI offers a 2 year warranty on all products that we produce. To ensure a smooth installation and start-up, UTI technicians can integrate our system into your process. We also provide a manual with preventative maintenance guidelines, system set-up information, and a troubleshooting chart.

What industries does UTI serve?

  • Medical Device
  • Food & Beverage
  • Personal Care
  • Electrical Connectors and Components
  • Fasteners

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Household Products
  • Computer and Printer Hardware
  • Ordnance